Dan and Rachel: “Plus One”

Released 02 October 2012.

Originally intended to be a mix-tape with new duo arrangements of songs written and previously recorded by Dan Costello as a solo artist, “Plus One” took on new life, and became comprised of new originals, covers and those old songs redone. The album reflects the band’s 2012 live setup – Rachel on synth bass and drums, and Dan on electric guitar. The folk songs are generally loud, and the rock songs are generally louder, all with a heart of gold. The album could be moving in reverse – the newest song is first, and the oldest, a cover of “When The Rain Comes Down” by Bob Devlin, is last. Are they reverting to children or is the world ending or what?

Produced and recorded by Brian Speaker for SpeakerSonic
Mastered by Paul “Willie Green” Womack
Artwork by Preston Spurlock

Dan Costello – Vocal, Guitar
Rachel Costello – Vocal, Synthesizer, Drums
Baba Azizi – Drum on “When The Rain Comes Down”

All songs by Dan and Rachel, except:
“Tuesday” written by Dan Costello / RDC ARTS, LLC
“Superman of Love” written by Dan Costello / RDC ARTS, LLC
“Only The Fools” written by The Fools (J. Tobin and U. Bright)
“The Breakup Song” written by Dan Costello / RDC ARTS, LLC
“The Lottery Song” written by Harry Nilsson
“Sleepin’ Is A Sucker’s Game” written by Eric Wolfson
“Hard Times” written by Dan Costello / RDC ARTS, LLC
“When the Rain Comes Down” written by Bob Devlin
All songs used by permission.

© 2012 Kale Records. All rights reserved.