Debe Dalton: “LIVEs in Brooklyn”

Released 27 April 2012.

“Debe Dalton Lives in Brooklyn” was originally recorded in 2009 (at a live show I had the privilege of attending). Three years later and four years after her debut record (Live at Sidewalk) the final mixes were released… and the end result was worth the wait! Both the energy of performer and the love of fans and friends within the room is perfectly translated in this new selection of songs from a legendary New York staple. – Michael Rickert,

2009. Our Brooklyn Tea Party was ending. Dan and I were hanging in the stairwell. Dan said one of the things he wanted to do b4 we were done was: record me here – a Debe lives at BTP album. He had that look in his eye. I guess I had one in mine. I nodded. He took it as agreement. I was probably saying, u’ve got to be kidding! But June 26, we did it. Those of you who were there, Thank You. Honestly Thank You. Brian says these songs tell my story. Could be. – Debe Dalton

Recorded by Dan Costello live in Brooklyn in 2009.
Rescued, Mixed and Mastered by Brian Speaker for SpeakerSonic.
Cover Art by Peter Nevins.
Layout by Brandon Campbell.

Debe Dalton – Vocal, banjo
Brer Brian – trumpet

All songs by Debe Dalton, except:
“Seek and You Shall Find” traditional, arranged by Debe Dalton
“O Had I A Golden Thread” by Pete Seeger
“I Can Sing A Rainbow” by Arthur Hamilton
All songs used by permission.

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