Dan Costello: “Live in Zurich”

Released 10 March 2010

A live recording from the start of the Great-Grand Tour, Dan’s three-month journey from Ireland to Belarus via 20 countries and 75 concerts. Recorded at El Lokal in Zürich, Switzerland, mixed from a digital board send and a stereo room mic. Edited for time – the concert was over two hours!

Recorded by Ueli Steinmann at El Lokal, September 20, 2009
Edited by Dan Costello
Mastered by Brian Speaker for SpeakerSonic
Drawing by Piwi

All songs by Dan Costello, except:
“Only The Fools” written by The Fools (J. Tobin and U. Bright). Used by permission.

© 2010 Dan Costello. All rights reserved.