Debe Dalton: “Live at Sidewalk”

Released 14 March 2008.

Before “Live at Sidewalk” was gifted to Debe Dalton by her friends, only one of her songs had been made available on recording: “Ed’s Song”, on the 2007 “Anticomp Folkilation.” That song has a simple refrain : “I have to play.” Dalton’s personal philosophy, like her lyrical wisdom, is simple yet profound. In the early 2000′s Debe spent a lot of time at Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village, where she developed as a songwriter and became a pivotal influence on many songwriters. When attempts to record her shows with her knowledge yielded self-conscious performances and nervous banter (not to mention copious amounts of banjo tuning), the sound team at Sidewalk Cafe began recording Debe’s performances secretly. The resulting album was culled from over twenty concerts at Sidewalk Cafe, constructed behind her back, and given as a birthday present to her on March 14 2008. The album has been re-released by Kale Records after Dalton sold over 500 homemade copies from her banjo case. The mixture of original compositions and traditional song covers could easily be a “greatest hits” album from most artists. However, it’s merely an introduction to one of New York’s greatest artists; one who until now was largely unknown outside of a small circle of friends.

Recorded live at Sidewalk Cafe NYC 2006-2008 by Brian Speaker, Dan Costello, Ben Godwin, Somer Bingham, and Joie Blaney.
Produced by Rachel Devlin, Brian Speaker, Frank Hoier, and Dan Costello.
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Speaker for Speakersonic.
Art & layout by Peter Nevins.

Debe Dalton – Vocal, Banjo
Frank Hoier – Guitar
Magali Charron – Violin

All songs by Debe Dalton, except:
“Oh! Susanna” by Stephen Foster
“Butcher’s Boy” and “The Crawdad Song”, traditional
“Pack Up Your Sorrows” by Richard Fariña and Pauline Marden. Used by permission.

Thank You Lach.

© 2008 Debe Dalton. All rights reserved.