Dan and Rachel: “Damn Monsters!”

Released 21 May 2010.

Recorded in an old church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, “Damn Monsters!” is the first full-length collaborative album from Dan and Rachel. While their previous music (often released under Dan Costello) leaned much more toward folk and classic rock sounds, “Damn Monsters!” attacks the ears with synthesized art-rock dance songs, gloomy chants, and power-pop. The songs, all collaboratively written, are no longer biographical or literal. They carry the weight of self discovery, the dualities of romance, as well as concern for social problems like zombies and the inevitable downfall of the banana.

Recorded by Dan and Rachel and St. John’s Lutheran Church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and at home in Bedstuy.
Mastered by Brian Speaker for SpeakerSonic.
Art by Piwi.

Dan Costello – Vocal, guitar, electric guitar, piano, synth
Rachel Devlin – Vocal, drums, synth, melodica, percussion

All songs written by Dan Costello and Rachel Devlin, except:
“He Loves You” written by Debe Dalton
“Tiny Streams” written by The Purple Organ
All songs used by permission.

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