Sunday is for lovers!


THANK YOU to everyone who has come out to support Dan and Rachel in Germany!  February has truly been a month of love…NY friends in Berlin, a packed show in Hamburg, old friends in Koln and Bonn who have come out for every tour since 2009, and family in Frankfurt.

Dan and Rachel limited-edition “Plus One” cassettes are officially SOLD OUT!  New packaging will be announced soon.

Upcoming Shows…

Europe – Dan and Rachel travel to Switzerland tomorrow with German singer-songwriter BOO HOO. Info and dates on the artist page.
NYC – Come out to Sidewalk Cafe (94 Ave A in Manhattan) for…..

Feb 22 – Debe Dalton at the New York Antifolk Festival (9:45PM)  with Ivan Sandomire, Erin Regan, Don McCloskey, The Pendulum Swings, Ben Sadock, Josh Fox Band and Adam Bricks.

Feb 23 – Dan and Rachel Homecoming Show at Antifolk Festival (9:45PM) with Trumpet Girl, Daniel Laitman, St. Lennox, Joe Bendik, The Telethons, The Happy Rappies, Kung Fu Crimewave, Crazy and the Brains, and Mike Baglivi.

March 14 – Debe Dalton’s Annual Birthday Celebration!  Starts at 8PM, including a solo Dan Costello set.  Lineup TBA.