Debe Dalton - LIVEs In Brooklyn

LIVEs In Brooklyn


Track Listing:
1. Missed Opportunities 04:12
2. Just Love 04:45
3. Tuesday & Wednesday 03:33
4. W8NC 04:18
5. The Big Bad Wolf Song 03:24
6. Seek And You Shall Find 04:30
7. 52 Minutes 03:07
8. Think Again 03:58
9. He Loves You 04:32
10. (I Was) Quietly Playing Banjo (In The Park) 02:56
11. O, Had I A Golden Thread / I Can Sing A Rainbow 08:20

Released 27 April 2012.

Recorded by Dan Costello live in Brooklyn in 2009.
Rescued, Mixed and Mastered by Brian Speaker for SpeakerSonic.
Cover Art by Peter Nevins.
Layout by Brandon Campbell.

Debe Dalton – Vocal, banjo
Brer Brian – trumpet

All songs by Debe Dalton, except:
“Seek and You Shall Find” traditional, arranged by Debe Dalton
“O Had I A Golden Thread” by Pete Seeger
“I Can Sing A Rainbow” by Arthur Hamilton
All songs used by permission.

© 2012 Kale Records. All Rights Reserved.


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