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Track Listing:
1. 345 00:26
2. All Over Again 03:21
3. Headlights 04:35
4. Tuesday 02:11
5. Turn On The Light 02:04
6. Poison 02:23
7. Angel of Forgiveness 03:01
8. Big Brother 02:28
9. Epiphany 02:31
10. Breakup Song For Brook Pridemore To Sing 02:57
11. Whatcha Gonna Do 02:59
12. Rachel 02:13
13. Mixtape 00:08
14. Tape Recorder 04:15
15. 2000 Miles 02:29

Released 08 August 2008

imagine a lost junkyard america filled with angels of forgiveness and tape recorder dreams. the musicians take the credit, but the president’s to blame. like childhood friends we play music as if there were no other game…just six friends, sweating their way through hot summer recording sessions at home in Brooklyn. Any splinters, paper cuts, coffee spills or car alarms should be appreciated as tokens of artistic intent. For a more authentic listening experience, put this cd in your car stereo on a long drive between two remote towns. Turn the air conditioning off.

Produced by Ben Godwin and Dan Costello
Recorded at Brooklyn Tea Party
Engineered and Mixed by Ben Godwin
Mastered by Major Matt Mason USA

Dan Costello – Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bells
Michael David Campbell – Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Rachel Devlin – Vocals, Melodica, Accordian
Brook Pridemore – Vocals, Drums, Ukelele
Eric Wolfson – Vocals, Bass
Casey Holford – electric guitar on “All Over Again”
Vincent Cacchione – electric guitar on “Tape Recorder”
Ben Godwin – bass on “Whatcha Gonna Do”

All songs by Dan Costello.

©2008 Dan Costello. All rights reserved.


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 x 5 x .05 in


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