Kale Kids

Kale Kids is a refreshing acoustic break from modern, candy-pop children’s music.  It’s hearty, whole-grain music, cut with quality cheese and spicy mustard. Greatly inspired by the Folkways tradition, Kale Kids brings songs that an entire family can enjoy.

These songs are shared through concerts, recordings, classes, lessons, and special events. Not merely a jukebox of old songs, Kale Kids presents creative renditions of songs not typically sung for children, as well as new compositions written with today’s children in mind.Kale Kids Logo

Dan Costello is a music educator specializing in early music exploration for children ages 3 through 7.  He recently released “Kids Songs With Dan,” and is available for workshops, classes, parties, or general entertainment.

Dalton Family Singers are well versed in fun music that kids and their families can enjoy, playing traditional songs with interesting instruments.  Everyone will be singing along and tapping their toes!

Yo Re Mi is a musical yoga program for kids created by Rachel and Dan Costello.  In each fun-filled session, we journey to exotic destinations using our bodies, voices, and imaginations.   We collaboratively explore nature, geography, culture, rhythm, dance, songwriting and playing instruments.  Through Yo Re Mi’s unique integration of yoga and music, children develop self-confidence, focus, communication, and mind-body awareness.

Rachel Costello is a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance) with 10 years teaching experience. Dan Costello is the music teacher at Tribeca Community School.  Both Rachel and Dan are internationally touring musicians and have combined their talents in music, theater, performance, and movement to create Yo Re Mi.

Please contact kids@kalerecords.com for more information.