Dalton Family Singers

It’s a folk band in the reverent style of the Almanac Singers and the Carter Family, but for a world that’s heard REM and seen “Modern Family” too.

Ice Cream Parlours, Coffee Shops, Childrens Theatres, Old Time Saloons…these are the places where you’ll find Dalton Family Singers picking, strumming, and beating out a tune. “It’s a ‘Sound of Music’ thing. I always wanted the singers, just not the family” explains the esteemed banjo player Debe Dalton. Joined by songwriter Dan Costello on guitar and Rachel Costello on percussion, they sing songs they grew up with, songs they wish they heard growing up, and songs they’ve written as they’ve been growing up these many years.

They’re likely to burst into “She’ll Be Coming Around The Mountain”, wail in the style of Mahalia Jackson then jump into the goofiness of “The Lime in the Coconut.” They draw from folk traditions young and old, and sing harmonies with conviction. Many “folk songs” are frequently written off as old timey or simple. Dalton Family Singers shine em up like shoes for the prom, like a penny for the wishing well, like an old silver mirror. Along the way, they teach what they’ve learned. It’s kids music. It’s also grown-ups music. It’s music for every family. Every kind of folk. Even dogs will sing along.