Cool Cucumbers!

Cool Cucumbers

We hope you’re staying cool as cucumbers out there.  We’re listening to vinyl, sitting as close to the ceiling fans as humanly possible, and fermenting our pickles out on the counter, as encouraged by the New York Times.

To celebrate Christmas in July, we just sent a free download of Dalton Family Singers rendition of “Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas,” to our mailing list.  If you didn’t get our newsletter, sign up for the mailing list here to get a free track every month!

This Saturday July 27!!!  Dalton Family Singers is performing at Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook, alongside our KLIC artists Dibson T Hoffweiler (back from Europe tour, on his way home to San Fran!) and Ray Brown (with band).  Seven acts for seven bucks, and it starts at seven o’clock.
Details on the facebook event page.


Poster by Preston Spurlock!

Early August means the New York Antifolk Fest and we’re all about it.  Among scads of wacky there will be a set from “antifolk stalwart” Debe Dalton on August 11, a special tribute to Olive Juice guru Major Matt Mason USA featuring Dan and Rachel on August 4, and a solo set of new songs from Dan Costello on August 7.  The entire festival is listed at

Mark your calendars for Kung Fu Palooza on August 24, where Dan and Rachel and Debe Dalton will join forces with powers of good and strange from all over the world to spread lingering discord and occasional genius.

We have lots of records to sell and more on the way.  Buy one for a friend (it takes 2,500 streams on Spotify to equal one album sale.  Put that on a t-shirt…)

Thanks for being a big part of our little part of it all.